Agile development isn’t there yet

This blog post is mostly a translation of an article I had in the Norwegian issue of Computerworld april 2009.

Norway has embraced agile methodologies. Now we need to stop only evangelizing the positive effects, and start discussing – and solving – real challenges encountered in agile projects.

I think agile software development is a huge step in the right direction compared to traditional software development methodologies. However, agile development in its current form is not the end station. We can – and must – get even better. Anyone who has run an agile project has experienced problems and setbacks that aren’t normally addressed in a standard presentation of agile.

There are real challenges tied to agile methodologies, and all of us who preach agile, must dare to acknowledge and discuss that. That is important if we really want agile development to be a success, live up to its potential, and not become just another hype in history’s graveyard.

So, to get started, here are three of the challenges I’m contemplating nowadays. Continue reading

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Welcome to this blog! Here I’ll basically blog about any combination of agile, lean, value-based, software, development, project, and management. If any of this is interesting, please stay tuned.

Now and then I might share other thoughts as well. I’ll blog mostly in English, maybe sometimes in Norwegian.

My agile story: Continue reading

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