Ah, disclaimer:

This is my personal weblog. It does not represent my employer’s positions, strategies or opinions. This is especially true when I say something stupid (which I will). The stupidity is mine and mine alone. Ok?

If you find anything interesting here, you are encouraged to link to it or use it any other way, as long as you name me and link to the relevant blogpost (that is, all work here is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Norway License).

Being a blog, the postings are usually a result of thought processes that have been going on during a substantial period of time – and then bam! 20 minutes at the keyboard, more or less in the spur of the moment. It may not come out quite right, you see. If you seem to notice any inconsistencies, contradictions, spelling errors, sour overtones… well, there’s your explanation. Also, as it seems I’m still capable of learning and improving, any old posting may not represent what I currently think. I like that.

Please feel free to praise or slaughter anything I write – you may even tell me I’m totally nuts – in the comments section of each posting. While I take no responsibility for any comments anybody might have (that responsibility is theirs), I do reserve the right to delete any comment for any reason whatsoever (abuse, profanity, marketing, rudeness, anonymity) – so please keep your comments civil.

That might be all, I think. Enjoy!

2 Responses to Disclaimer

  1. Teresie Hommersand says:

    Hei Trond,

    Eg haaper du er den Trond eg soeker, han som skreiv kronikken “Kjaere Google, jeg slaar opp”.

    Viss ikkje du er rette vedkommende setter eg pris paa om du alikevel svarer og avklarer dette. Viss du er rette vedkommende haaper eg du kan svare paa foelgende:

    Eg blei inspirert til aa gjera det same som du foreskreiv aa gjere i kronikken, nemleg ikkje nytte meg av Google sine tenester og eg lurer paa om du har info om kva alternativer som er bra aa bruke?

    Eg har fraa foer leita litt rundt sjoelv, men synes ikkje eg har funnet tilstrekkeleg informasjon til aa kunne bestemme meg for nye service providers for epost til doemes.

    Dersom du har tips angaaande dette setter eg stor pris paa om du kan fortelle meg om kva alternativ som du har funnet som er bra aa bruke.

    Venleg helsing,

    Teresie Hommersand

  2. trond says:

    Hei, Teresie!

    Vet ikke om du fortsatt er interessert, men i så fall kan du kontakte meg på trond alfakrøll wingaard.com, så utveksler jeg gjerne erfaringer!

    Trond : o)

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