Welcome to this blog! Here I’ll basically blog about any combination of agile, lean, value-based, software, development, project, and management. If any of this is interesting, please stay tuned.

Now and then I might share other thoughts as well. I’ll blog mostly in English, maybe sometimes in Norwegian.

My agile story: The Capability Maturity Model: Guidelines for Improving the Software ProcessI worked in Funcom as a producer (combined project manager and game designer) when I got interested in project management as a profession and started reading books. I had just finished a book about the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) in 1999, and my occasionally inflexible brain thought “Well, this kind of makes sense, in a way. But do we get to do any actual work?”

Then I read the white book – Extreme Programming Explained (1st edition) – and my brain loosened up and I thought “Yes, this will work! It makes sense and we get to do actual work!”

XPE-book-smallIt still took me a couple of years and a change of employers before I finally got to try agile on a project. In the meantime I got to be quite a theoretical expert – I knew everything. That first project, though, made me realize that while agile is simple as a concept, it’s hard to make it actually work.

Now, several agile projects later, I hope to engage and help others succeed with agile. In the meantime, I’ve encountered several challenges with agile that aren’t addressed that much in the literature, and that I’ll also try to address. More about that in later blogs, though.

Today I work as a senior project manager at Steria in Oslo, Norway. Steria is very supportive of my agile interests, and several other of Norway’s agile enthusiasts work here, too – amongst them Johannes Brodwall, who has a very good and thought-provoking blog.

Again, welcome – hope you’ll pop by from time to time!

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